Center for Spiritual Formation


The Center's logo incorporates the St. James Church symbolic cross and chalice with a shell in the center.

The shell is a symbol for the Apostle James, a symbol for baptism, and for the Center's mission to stimulate a new birth in Christian faith.

Whatever your faith tradition, we welcome you to participate in our programs.


The St. James Center for Spiritual Formation offers programs to help us pray and put our prayers into action. In both Hebrew and Greek the word "spirit" means "breath." As we speak of spirituality we speak of the breath of God that fills us with life, literally "inspires" us, and that leads us on our spiritual journey.

While our programs come from the perspective of the Christian faith as expressed in the Episcopal tradition, we offer food for the spiritual journey of people of all faith traditions and for those who do not come from a faith tradition. All are invited to participate in our programs designed to cultivate our spiritual growth and our awareness of God's presence in our life and in the lives of those we encounter daily.

Spiritual practices that enrich us come in various forms -- prayer, study, body movement, music and art. We encounter God in many places - in nature, in worship, in scripture. It is the Holy Spirit who meets us in these places and in these activities and leads us from there into a deeper relationship with God. The Center offers programs of prayer, study, reflection and action that support us in meeting the Holy Spirit and deepening our relationship with God.

Adult Programs 2013-2014 information is here.


Trinity Institute Conference 2013 Information is here!

Save the date: Thursday evening, November 21 through Saturday, November 23.

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