Children in Church

Bringing children in to church may not always be easy, but it is an essential part of their growth in Christ and we are made complete by their presence. We welcome children to church!

Some Helpful Hints for Parents

  • Most children enjoy sitting near the front of the church so they can see the action of the service.
  • Clue the children in as to what will happen next in the service. They like to know when to stand and sit.
  • Children will learn to follow the service in the leaflet and find hymns in the hymnal with your help and guidance.
  • Pre-school children are full of curiosity. Answer their questions in a "quiet whisper" so that they can be satisfied by answers, yet gain respect for quiet reverence.
  • We provide crayons and church-oriented coloring sheets and pads for pre-school and early elementary age children, to be used with parental supervision.
  • Children are likely to make noises. Temporary distractions are inevitable. However, prolonged disruption requires attention that may be best offered outside the service, thereby making everyone feel more comfortable - child, parent and congregation. The Parish Hall Parlor provides a welcome spot for any who would like soft chairs, proximity to a restroom, or space for little ones to move around while they "regroup" before returning to the service.
  • For parents who desire it, child care for children up to age five is available for the mid-morning Sunday Services (open from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.). The nursery is located just off the Parish Hall foyer.

Some Helpful Hints for the Congregation

  • We express our joy at having children included in the worship service. They are not just the future of the church, they are an important part of our parish family today!
  • During services, try to see the children around you as your own children and offer to help with their care.
  • We are all teaching children how to worship by our actions. They watch what we do and imitate or follow our behavior. Our singing, praying, and attentiveness during the service will be observed by these young members of our parish and will teach them about worship.
  • Welcome children as you would be welcomed. Make an effort to include them during the passing of The Peace, or in your conversations during Coffee Hour.
  • Be open to their questions. Learn from them and share your faith with them.
  • Focus on the gifts children bring: their trust, joy, and wonder in God. Reinforce their positive behaviors and be open to the ministry they offer you.
  • Be supportive of parents who have made the effort to bring their children to worship services here. Communicate your understanding and appreciation.