Directory - Phone & Email

The main phone number for the church is 225-387-5141. Knowing the extension of the person you wish to reach can be helpful, particularly to leave voice mail messages, or after hours. Here are the most requested email links and phone extensions:

Name Title Location Extension
      225-387-5141 x
Holland, The Very Rev. J. Mark Rector 2d floor - Ministries Center 226
Miller, The Rev. John Sloan Asst. Rector & Asst. Head of School 1st floor - Parish Hall Bldg. 206
Garrett, The Rev. Mary Ann Asst. Rector - Pastoral Care 2d floor - Ministries Center 202
Ferachi, Mary Claire Interim for Youth & Young Adult Ministries 2d floor - Ministries Center 225
Campbell, Helen Director of Stewardship & Development
2d floor - Ministries Center 244
Williams, Kelly Director of Lay Ministires 2d floor - Ministries Center 229
Rabalais, Sylvia Administrative Secretary 2d floor - Ministries Center


Craddock, Jo Director of Communications 3d floor - Ministries Center 222
Hubbard, Jason Choirmaster 2d floor - Parish Hall Bldg. 208
Stiltner, Debbie Comptroller 2d floor - Ministries Center


Olinde, Cheryl Bookkeeper 2d floor - Ministries Center 220
Davis-Palms, Mary Dietician Cafeteria - Parish Hall Bldg. 232
Chauviere, Linda Head of School Werlein Hall - Day School 234
Rumfellow, Dot Assistant Head of School Werlein Hall - Day School 240
Gaspard, Pat Day School Secretary Werlein Hall - Day School 235
Green, Rodger Property 2d floor - Bishops Hall
  Foyer Phone 1st floor - Ministries Center 204
Roy, Joey Day School Reception/Admissions Werlein Hall - Day School 236
Hutchens, Rebecca Day School Advancement Dir. Werlein Hall - Day School 246