Becoming a Stephen Minister

…to prepare God's people for works of service.  -- Ephesians 4:12

Stephen Ministers are a small group of dedicated lay persons, having the gift of compassion, and believing as we "carry each other's burdens, in this way we fulfill the law of Christ" (Galatians 6:2)Their mission is to provide personal, confidential, caring Christian support to those experiencing a difficult time in life.

As a volunteer for Stephen Ministry you will receive 50 hours of training and monthly continuing education with a Stephen Leader. The training embraces skills of compassionate listening by a friend who can provide helpful resources, care and support for a wide variety of life issues - where there is illness, where there are work-related problems, where there is personal or family changes, to the elderly and/or their children.

Acceptance into the Stephen Ministry program involves a willingness to serve at least two years, commit to seeing your care receiver at least one-hour per week, in addition to the initial training and continuing skill enrichment.

The Caregiver's Compass expresses the right direction for a Stephen Minister on their care-giving journey. The symbol of Jesus Christ at the center of the compass reminds us of the source and power for a caring ministry. The four points of the compass remind Stephen Ministers to be caregivers who are:

  • Compassionate - able to share the suffering of their care receiver.
  • Full of Faith - relying on God to be the one who heals all wounds.
  • Skilled - knowing how to listen, understand and empathize.
  • Trustworthy - maintaining confidentiality, visiting care receivers regularly, and maintaining committed to their ministry.

To get more information about becoming a Stephen Minister, contact a Baton Rouge Stephen Leader for more information:

St. James St. Luke's Trinity
Deacon Mark Hudson Becky Williams, RN Deacon Camille Wood
Tel. 225-270-3421 Tel. 225-926-5343 Tel. 225-387-0396

The Rewards of Ministry

In all my spiritual life I can not think of anything that has a deeper impact on me than Stephen ministry. From the first time I read about it in the parish newsletter I knew I was called to this Ministry. Since that time I have found a closer relationship with God in three persons than I ever experienced before in my life.

I have encountered and established a closer relationship with many outstanding members of our congregation. Most important, I have seen God at work in my life. I know not everyone is called to Stephen Ministry as I was. However, I urge you to prayerfully consider answering the call to serve both our church and the Lord as a Stephen Minister. --J. Hopper

Stephen Ministry is not a counseling program ... it is a caring ministry