The 2014 Vestry of St. James Episcopal Church

In all Episcopal parishes, the Vestry is the elected governing body of the parish. In addition to the rector, the Vestry is composed of the Senior and Junior Wardens, the clerk and 15 other elected positions (six elected each year for a three-year term), who represent a broad spectrum of the St. James community. As a whole the Vestry:

  • Helps to discern the vision toward which God is drawing St. James
  • Articulates and communicates that vision;
  • Holds the St. James community accountable for its realization of the vision;
  • Keeps the mission of the church and that of the individual congregation clearly before the parish community.

Individually, vestry members are expected to, “… further his/her spiritual growth, be regular in attendance at meetings of the Vestry, serve on one or more committees or ministries of the church and/or Vestry, participate in the annual stewardship drive, abide by and support Vestry decisions in a positive way, and attend church-sponsored events and programs.”

The 2014 St. James Vestry

Senior Warden Bob Bowsher†
Junior Warden Patrick Broderick†
Clerk Randy Garrett†
Treasurer* Kevin Curry

Copper Alvarez††

Jane Christensen†††

Rip Collins†††

Chris Frink†††

Lee Griffin††

Tricia Henderson†††

Susie Heroman†

Kyle Landrem†

Lolly Martin††

Trey Roberts††

Dan West††

Elizabeth Whitley†

Shirley Young††


*     an appointed position

†     term expires January 2015

††   term expires January 2016

††† term expires January 2017